New Carissa Oil Spill
Restoration Plan & Environmental Assessment

New Carissa Oil Spill Natural Resource Trustees
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Collage of Photos from New Carissa Oil Spill

Bullet graphic Final Damage Assessment Restoration Plan & Environmental Assessment
Introduction and Executive Summary
Chapter 1: Purpose and Need for Restoration
Chapter 2: Affected Environment
Chapter 3: Injury Determination and Quantification
Chapter 4: Restoration Alternatives and Environmental Consequences

Chapter 5: Coordination with Other Programs, Plans, and Regulatory Authorities

Chapter 6: Response to Comments Received
Chapter 7: Preparer, Agencies, and Persons Consulted
Chapter 8: References
Chapter 9: Proposed Preliminary Budget Estimate
Chapter 10: List of Appendices

Bullet graphic Appendix 1: Administrative Record Summary
Administrative Record Index

Bullet graphic Appendix 2: Public Notices
Federal Register Notice: Intent to Conduct
Restoration Planning
News Release: New Carissa Scoping
Invitation for Public Involvement

Bullet graphic Appendix 3: Trustee Agreements
Memorandum of Agreement between USCG, NPFC, and Trustees
Consent Decree between U.S. and Owners/Operators
Trustee Memorandum of Agreement
Interagency Agreement with the NPFC

• Memo: Coast Guard Response (7-12-99)
• Memo: Coast Guard Response (8-17-99)
• Interagency Agreement Amendment (11-22-99)

Bullet graphic Appendix 4: Studies Supporting Data
Background Oiling/Historic Beached Bird Deposition Study
Analysis and Interpretation of Oiled Feathers
Shorebird Survey Results
Seabird Mortality
• Seabird Mortality Resulting from New Carissa Oil Spill
Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C
Lost Recreation
• New Carissa Recreational Loss
• Figures
• Appendices and References
Snowy Plover Assessment
• Impact Assessment
• Level of Oiling
• Number of Nests and Nesting Success
• Chronology and Level of Oiling
• History of 17 Plovers Rehabilitated and Released
• Comparison of Oiled and Non-Oiled Plovers
• Comparison of Productivity Based on Degree of Oiling
• Comparison of Productivity for Pairs
• Population Estimates
• Nest Success (Mayfield Method)
• Fledging Success
• Number of Eggs Hatched
• Productivity (1998 and 1999)

Bullet graphic Appendix 5: Emergency Measures for Plovers
Emergency Restoration Measures for Western Snowy Plovers

Bullet graphic Appendix 6: Pre-Assessment Data Report
Interim Pre-Assessment Report
Spill Chronology
Operational Response Efforts
Fish and Invertebrate Impacts
Wildlife Impacts

Bullet graphic Appendix 7: Resource Equivalency Analysis
Auklets & Ancient Murrelet
Common Murre & Puffin
Gulls & Kittiwakes
Marbled Murrelets
Northern Fulmar
Sanderling & Other Shorebirds
Scoters & Ducks
Storm-Petrels & Shearwaters
Western Snowy Plover

Injuries Summary
Restoration Summary
Restoration Credits

Surveys for Marbled Murrelets in Potential Habitat in the Oregon Coast Range

Bullet graphic Appendix 8: Morgue Data
Morgue Species Count Update
Trustee Morgue Data by Species

Bullet graphic Appendix 9: Fate and Oil Weathering
Fates and Effects of Oil Released

Bullet graphic Public Comment Period
To view comments received from the June 7 and 8 public meetings, please click here. (For a complete record of public comments and responses to the comments, please see Chapter 6 of the final report.)