Olympia Fish Health Center
Pacific Region



  • Microscopic examination Provide National Fish Health Policy Guidance to Service hatcheries
  • Provide fish health technical services to Service hatcheries
    • Certification and pathogen surveys
    • Diagnosis and troubleshooting of fish health problems
    • Investigate disease and pathogen control measures
    • INAD coordination and monitoring
    • Provide recommendations to prevent and control diseases
    • Provide fish health training and prepare fish health courses
  • Sampling tissues of adult salmon Fish health technical assistance to other entities
    • Other Federal agencies and offices (NMFS, BPA, BOR, etc.)
    • Tribes - Yakama and Colville – Others on a case-by-case basis
    • States - On case-by-case basis or if State does not have capability
    • Private commercial aquaculture - If no fish health provider is available
  • National Wild Fish Health Survey
    • Working with Partners to test wild populations for important pathogens


  • Microbiology:  Infectious agent isolation and identification
    • Virology: Isolation using tissue culture, serological and genetic identification tools
    • Bacteriology: Isolation and identification by biochemistry, serology and genetic tools.
    • Parasitology:  Microscopic and morphological identification; selected genetic testing 
    • Specialized capabilities: Enzyme-linked immunosorbant assays; DNA-probe analysis;Treating fish with approved chemicals fluorescent antibody testing; PCR and QPCR testing; antibiotic sensitivity testing and tissue residues.
  • Histology:  Infectious and noninfectious agent identification by specialized histochemical and microscopic examination of tissues
    • Morphologic characterization of pathogens and tissue changes due infectious agents.
    • Pathology of tissues and cells due to toxins, environment or nutritional causes.
    • Specialized capabilities:  Paraffin and plastic embedding and sectioning; access to electron microscopy; specialized biological staining techniques
  • Physiology:  Blood serum chemistry testing to determine physiological health and/or fitness for anadromy.
  • On-site examinations and inspections of fish populations
    • Diagnostic microscopic examinations for specific fish health problems
    • Disease surveys and/or certifications for regulatory pathogens
    • Specialized capabilities: Extensive knowledge and experience in fish culture and related fish health problems
Last updated: June 1, 2015
Olympia Fish Health Center
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