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Special Emphasis Programs

Special Emphasis Programs address the unique concerns of women, minorities, and persons with disabilities in achieving equal opportunity in all employment and program delivery activities. Special Emphasis Programs identify and assist in the removal of discriminatory practices and procedures and other barriers to equal opportunity. The programs also continually improve the hiring, training, retention, and promotion opportunities for all qualified individuals, sponsor special observance activities, conduct diversity training, and assist management in ensuring a highly skilled and diverse work force.

Three Special Emphasis Programs required by regulation are the Federal Women's Program, Hispanic Employment Program, and the Disability Employment Program



Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday: January

National Black History Month: February

National Women's History Month: March

Holocaust Remembrance Day: April or May

Asian/Pacific Islander History Month: May

Older Americans Month: May

Gay Pride Month: June

Women's Equality Day: August

National Hispanic Heritage Month: September

National Disability Employment Awareness Month: October

Native American/Alaskan Native Heritage Month: November

Last updated: July 28, 2020