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Recruitment Opportunities

Targeted Recruitment

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (FWS) is committed to the outreach and recruitment of a highly qualified, diverse, and inclusive workforce to support our conservation mission. This site provides information and other resource links on Service programs and opportunities for potential candidates and professional representatives from institutions of higher education, professional associations, and other organizations that will ultimately promote a robust and diverse applicant pool and pipeline for Service positions and other opportunities.

FWS Careers

There are over 70 careers in the FWS to choose from for dedicated individuals with diverse education and training backgrounds. Most professional FWS jobs require a college degree with several having specific academic credit requirements. Common majors include: Biology, Botany, Fisheries and Wildlife Management, Forestry, Natural Resource Management, Park and Recreation Management, Environmental Science, Education, Human Resource Management, Facilities Management, Public Administration, Business Management, and Law Enforcement. The FWS offers competitive pay, job security, a great benefits package and work locations in every state.

Most job openings are listed on the USAJOBS website. Applicants can search jobs by category, location, and other criteria. At the USAJOBS site, you can create a personal account where you can build, upload, and post your résumé and supporting documents like college transcripts. Visit to search our careers.

You can explore the careers FWS offers plus duties and requirements here. You can sign up here and stay connected about FWS vacancy announcements, career spotlights, diversity initiatives in FWS, and more.

Build Your Resume with Service Internship Opportunities

Internships are one of the critical ways we are preparing the next generation of a diverse FWS workforce. We have a variety of internship opportunities to prepare students and graduates for a career with the Service.

  • Pathways Program for Students, Recent Graduates, and Presidential Management Fellows (PMF).  FWS appoints interns through three Pathways Program components.   1) The Internship Program targets current students enrolled in high school, or college or technical school, at least half time).  2) The Recent Graduates Program targets individuals who apply within two years of graduation (this is extended for veterans).  3)  The PMF Program is the government-wide flagship leadership development program for recent graduates with an advanced degree (i.e. a master’s, Ph.D. or J.D).  

Collectively, these programs are designed to provide current students and recent graduates with practical hands-on job experiences that can eventually lead to established careers within government service.  FWS internships provide young people with a rich experience from which to continue further education and launch professional careers. Many of the jobs involve work in wildlife or visitor service related fields that include monitoring and assessing threatened or endangered species and habitats, conducting visitor service programs, general maintenance and management, or cultural/historical resource management.  Opportunities will be announced via the USAJOBS portal.  Explore more information on Pathways.

  • Partner Internship Opportunities. FWS collaborates with several nongovernmental organizations to provide intern opportunities for students and graduates.  These partner internships help FWS to promote and build a robust and diverse applicant pool for our conservation positions. Our Career Discovery Internship Program (CDIP) opportunities designed for college freshman and sophomores to introduce them to conservation careers and prepare the next generation of wildlife professionals.  Our Directorate Fellowship Program (DFP) opportunities target undergraduate rising seniors and graduate students to participate in 11-week scientifically rigorous projects in biological science/natural resource management or related fields.  Candidates who complete all DFP internship and school requirements may be eligible for a direct appointment with the Service. 

These partner programs and many other individual internship opportunities are recruited for and hired by the collaborating organizations.  Search for any current opportunities with the partner listed below. (Use the agency filter to see internships offered by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service).


Diversity Joint Venture

Diversity Joint Venture

The Diversity Joint Venture for Conservation Careers (DJV) is a partnership of federal and state agencies, universities, non-governmental organizations, foundations, and professional societies that work together to increase the number of women and people of color in the conservation workforce. The DJV leverages new and existing programs to achieve increased diversity with the support of the Partner organizations. DJV efforts include introducing potential employees to the conservation field, supporting recruitment and hiring, and providing opportunities for career growth and development. By doing so, the Partners can ensure that conservation organizations attract, recruit, and retain a new, dynamic cadre of diverse employees whose fresh insights and perspectives will increase productivity in the workplace. Click here for the DJV website.

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Last updated: December 16, 2020