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Pre-Complaint - EEO Counseling

The primary purpose of the pre-complaint stage is to seek a resolution to the matter(s) that the employee brings to the EEO Counselor's attention. The EEO Counselor is a neutral party in this process and will not serve as an advocate (or representative) for either the employee or the Service. It is not the EEO Counselor's role to place blame or to determine who is telling the truth, or if laws have been violated. The EEO Counselor will serve as a bridge between the employee and management to get the employee's concerns(s) out into the open for consideration. The EEO Counselor will interview the employee and make necessary inquiries and provide counseling concerning the issue(s) raised by the employee. The information gathered will be shared with the employee and management, to help reach a resolution. The EEO Counselor may interview people who have direct knowledge of the situation, not people who can only provide hearsay evidence.

The pre-complaint counseling stage of the process will end 30 calendar days from the date the employee entered the process. At that time, unless the employee has granted an extension, NTE 60 calendar days, the EEO Counselor will issue a Notice of Final Interview (NOFI) to the employee. The employee will have the right to file a formal complaint of discrimination within 15 calendar days after receipt of the NOFI if the matter(s) brought to the EEO Counselor's attention are not resolved to the employee's satisfaction.

Last updated: March 10, 2015