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EEO Complaints Processing: Pre-Complaint (Informal) Stage

The primary purpose of the pre-complaint stage is to seek a resolution to an alleged discriminatory matter brought to the EEO Counselor's attention by an aggrieved person (AP), who may be either an employee or an applicant for employment at FWS.

Contact EEO Counselor
Pre-Complaint - EEO Counseling
Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) COREPLUS

EEO Complaints Processing: Formal Complaint Stage

The formal stage of the process begins when a formal complaint is filed. The complaint must be in the form of a signed statement from the complainant or the complainant's representative, containing the complainants (or representative's) telephone number and address, and must be sufficiently precise to identify the complaint, and describe generally the action or practice which forms the basis of the complaint.

Acceptance/Dismissal of Complaints
Hearings at Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
Final Action by Department of the Interior
Appeals to the EEOC
Mixed Case Complaints
For more detailed information, please contact the Office of Diversity and Inclusive Worforce Management.

1. Complaints involving allegations of discrimination based on sexual orientation are not processed under Federal Sector Equal Employment Opportunity regulations. The Department of the Interior established an administrative procedure, which contains different rights and responsibilities, to process a complaint containing sexual orientation allegations.

2. Complaints involving status as a parent also are not processed under Federal Sector EEO regulations. Under certain circumstances, an employee may seek relief when prohibited personnel practices have been committed against him/her that he/she believes constitutes discrimination based on his or her status as a parent. An employee may seek assistance from the Merit Systems Protection Board, Office of Special Counsel, the negotiated grievance process or the administrative grievance process.

Last updated: March 10, 2015