Hurricane Zeta


St Vincent Archery hunters October28-November 1

Hunters need to be aware that Tropical Storm/Hurricane Zeta is in the Gulf of Mexico and is expected to hit landfall on Wednesday. We still will be hold the archery hunt on St. Vincent this week. St. Vincent is not within the cone of impacts at this time, but we are on the east side of the storm. This may result in potentially heavy rains and heavy seas on Wednesday, October 28. We are allowing hunters to check in on that day but we recommend that you come prepared to secure your boats and campsites. Staff will be leaving the refuge at the end of the day to secure their homes. If you have an emergency Wednesday night, you will need to call 911. You can also choose to check in later in the week. As mentioned the storm is projected to make landfall on Wednesday and the weather should improve for the remainder of the hunt. We look forward to seeing you and please consider the severe weather as you prepare for the hunt on Wednesday.