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Hunters have pioneered wildlife conservation and still pay for the management of important habitats and the species that depend on them."  Dale Hall

Hunting Opportunities include Deer, Squirrel, Raccoon, Turkey and Resident Canada Goose Hunting

Stretched along 65 miles of the Tennessee River, the Tennessee
 National Wildlife Refuge offers great public hunting opportunities. The refuge's woodland and field habitat holds sizable numbers of popular game species, including turkey, deer, squirrel, racoon, beaver and coyote. Turkeys may be hunted in the spring or fall (archery) seasons during general-access hunts. Deer hunters can choose from general-access hunts and two quota hunts. A firearm quota hunt, issued by lottery, takes place in October and November. The youth deer hunts, muzzleloader deer hunt, and primitive weapons hunt are non-quota but held on specific weekends. The state season archery hunt  are general-access opportunities until the refuge closes to the public on November 15.  While the refuge can draw thousands of ducks, it is preserved as a winter refuge for waterfowl. However, a season for resident Canada geese is held in September. Beaver and coyote may be hunted incidental to any scheduled refuge hunt.

Hunting is popular on Tennessee National Wildlife Refuge! The refuge offers opportunities for hunting White-tail Deer, Wild Turkey, Squirrel, Raccoon and Resident Canada Goose. On this page, we hope to answer some of the more common questions and provide some links to useful information. Please refer to the 2021-2022 Tennessee Hunting Brochure  for all hunting rules and regulations.


What do you need to hunt on Tennessee National Wildlife Refuge?

An Annual Refuge Hunting Permit is required for anyone that is age 17 year or over that is engaged in hunting activities on the Refuge. This $15.00 permit should be purchased and signed before arriving to hunt on the Refuge. A Tennessee State hunting license is also required. 


Where can I purchase a Refuge Annual Hunting Permit?

The Refuge Annual Hunting Permit may be purchased only through TWRA licensing agents using code 064, or online at, or on the TWRA mobile app. 


Does my youth need a Refuge Annual Hunting Permit?

Youth age 16 and under do not need a Refuge Annual Hunt Permit, however the supervising adult does.


Do you have quota deer hunts on the Refuge?

The refuge offers two quota deer hunts that is available by lottery draw only. Applications are found online on this website beginning June 1st through August 1st.  Applicants are notified the results of the draw by email. The lottery draw process is conducted by a company named RecAccess. Hunters must register an account and receive a RecAccess Identification (RAID) number before applying.  Hunters will only have to do this once and can use their account numbers for successive years or at other refuges that use RecAccess.

Is there an application fee for applying?

There is a $5.00 per application. There are no refunds on application fees. For more information on how to apply, please check refer to the 2021-2022 Hunting Brochure

How can I set up an account and apply for the quota hunt?

Click here to apply for the quota hunts from June 1st - August 1st.

Can I apply with a hunt party?

Up to five hunters may apply as a hunt party. One hunter will need to begin the application for the entire hunt party during the online application process. Once the party has been assigned a group number, others can be added onto the hunt party (up to 5 hunters) at a later time. If you wish to add a hunter to your hunt party, you will need each hunter's RAID number in that hunt party to apply for them. However, hunters can now apply and add themselves to an existing hunt party as long as they have the assigned group number.

Is there a hunter check station?

There are currently no hunter check stations on the refuge. However, deer and turkey harvested on the Refuge are required to be checked in through the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency check stations or online or by smartphone at with the public land code for Tennessee National Wildlife Refuge.


Can I camp on the refuge during my hunt?

While camping is not allowed on the refuge, here is a link to camping and lodging information for the area.