Moths - An Introduction

Tolype moth 1

Moths are among the most abundant and diverse creatures in the animal kingdom, yet they are often ignored by many people as being dull and brown.  Simple studies can easily show otherwise.

From 2016 through 2019, photo-documentation of moth species took place at Quivira, primarily of those attracted to lights in front of the Visitor Center.  Using field guides and the website "Moth Photographer's Group", each species was tentatively identified and those uploaded to the website "Butterflies and Moths of North America" (BAMONA) for confirmation and inclusion in their photo-and-map database.  All species records from this study can be viewed on the BAMONA site:

Below is a small sample of the 230-plus species recorded at Quivira.  We chose some of the more colorful ones.  Enjoy!

 Tolype moth sm
Large Tolype Moth
Coffee-loving Pyrausta
Black-etched Prominent
 curve-lined angle
Curve-lined Angle Moth
 Arge moth 
Arge Moth
 Short-lined Chocolate Moth
Short-lined Chocolate Moth
 Conchylodes moth
Zebra Conchylodes Moth
Arches Moth
 Chickweed Geometer 
Chickweed Geometer
Painted Lichen Moth
 Spilosoma virginica 
Virginia Tiger Moth
 White-lined Sphinx 
White-lined Sphinx Moth
 Phyllodesma 1
American Lappet Moth
 Moonseed Moth 
Moonseed Moth
 Pink-barred Moth 
Pink-barred Moth
 Schinia gaurae 
Clouded Crimson Flower Moth
 Schinia lucens
Leadplant Flower Moth
 Speranza amboflava 
Speranza Moth