Gulf Fritillaries reach peak populations from August through November.

From the silver shimmers of the Gulf Fritillary to the velvet black flutters of the Pipevine Swallowtail, the butterflies of Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge never cease to enchant us. Here on the refuge, at least 56 species of butterflies can be found and many more species are suspected. 
The best place to look for butterflies is the Butterfly Garden. First opening in 2004, the Butterfly Garden is a true gem of the refuge. Managed by dedicated volunteers, the garden provides a diversity of native host plants and nectar plants for monarchs and skippers alike. To reach the Butterfly Garden, turn from FM 1985 road onto the Main Anahuac tract and drive towards the visitor information station. Other areas to look include: the Shoveler Pond Auto Loop, Frozen Point Road, and the Cypress Trail (behind the main visitor center on FM 563). 

Below is a list of known butterflies to occur on Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge:
Pipevine SwallowtailBattus philenor
Black SwallowtailPapilio polyxenes
Giant SwallowtailPapilion cresphontes
Eastern Tiger SwallowtailPapilio glaucus
Spicebush SwallowtailPapilia troius

Checkered WhitePontia protodice
Great Southern WhiteAscia monuste

Orange SulphurColias eurytheme
Southern DogfaceZerene cesonia
Cloudless SulphurPhoebis sennae
Little YellowPyrisitia lisa
Dainty SulphurNathalis iole

Gray HairstreakStrymon melinus
Red-banded HairstreakCalycopis cecrops
Dusky-blue GroundstreakCalycopis isobean

Western Pygmy BlueBrephidium exilis
Ceraunus BlueHemiargus ceraunus
Reakirt's BlueEchinargus isola

American SnoutLibytheana carinenta

Gulf FritillaryAgraulis vanilae
Variegated FritillaryEuptoeita claudia

True Brushfoots
Phaon CrescentPhyciodes phaon
Pearl CrescentPhyciodes tharos
Question MarkPolygonia interrogationis
American LadyVanessa virginensis
Painted LadyVanesa cardui
Red AdmiralVanessa atalanta
Common BuckeyeJunonia coenia

Red-Spotted PurpleLimenitis arthemis
ViceroyLimenitis archippus

Goatweed LeafwingAnaea andria

Tawny EmperorAsterocampa clyton

Carolina SatyrHermeuptychia sosybius

MonarchDanaus plexippus
QueenDanaus gilippus

Spread-wing Skippers
White-striped LongtailChioides albofasciatus
Long-tailed SkipperUrbanus proteus
Horace's DuskywingErynnis horatius
Funereal DuskywingErynnis funeralis
White-Checkered SkipperPyrgus albescens
Tropical Checkered SkipperPyrgus oileus

Grass Skippers
Swarthy SkipperNastra Iherminier
Clouded SkipperLerema accius
Least SkipperAncyloxypha numitor
Southern SkipperlingCopaeodes minima
Fiery SkipperHylephila phyleus
Broad-winged SkipperPoanes viator
Bay SkipperEuphyes bayensis
Dun SkipperEuphyes vestris
Eufala SkipperLerodea eufala
Brazilian SkipperCalpodes ethlius
Salt Marsh SkipperPanoquina panoquin
Obscure SkipperPanoquina panoquinoides
Ocola SkipperPanoquina ocola


Additionally, check out the iNaturalist page for butterfly observations on the refuge.