A North American River Otter stares quizzically from the marsh grass.

From coyotes to river otters, a variety of mammals make their home at Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge. Small mammals are more common, such as rabbits and rats, while larger mammals are rarer and quite a treat. If you visit the refuge, look for otter, rabbits, bobcats, and coyotes.

There were once very large mammals in the area. Up until the 1970's the Red Wolf Canis rufus was once present throughout the southeastern United States. Now extinct in the wild, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service established a captive breeding program from capturing the last red wolves from this refuge. Today, all remaining red wolves in the captive breeding program are descendants of the 14 wolves retrieved from this area. 

Below is a list of some known mammals to occur on Anahuac National Wildlife Refuge

Black RatRattus rattus
Marsh Rice RatOryzomys paulustris
WoodratsGenus: Neotoma
MuskratOndatra zibethicus
Hispid Cotton RatSigmodon hispidus
Swamp RabbitSylvilagus aquaticus
Eastern CottontailSylvilagus floridanus
Virgina OpossumDidelphis virginiana
Common RaccoonProcyon lotor
Nine-Banded ArmadilloDasypus noverncinctus
Eastern Gray SquirrelSciurus carolinensis
Fox SquirrelSciurus niger
North American River OtterLontra Canadensis
American MinkNeovison vison
Red FoxVulpes vulpes
Common Gray FoxUrocyon cinereoargenteus
CoyoteCanis latrans
BobcatLynx rufus
Mexican Free-tailed BatTadarida brasiliensis
Eastern Red BatLasiurus borealis
Striped SkunkMephitis mephitis
White-tailed DeerOdocoileus virginianus
Feral HogSus scrofa
Domestic CattleBos taurus
NutriaMyocastor coypus