"Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better."

~ Albert Einstein

  • Cayuga Overlook

    Cayuga Overlook

    This overlook, located off of Route 77 and half a mile north of the Kanyoo Trail, offers views Cayuga Pool. From the observation deck you may be able to see resident bald eagles, green winged teal, great egrets, and shorebirds. The deck can provide shelter from windy winters or the hot summer sun. There are locations to mount your scope or take a seat and enjoy the view.

  • Mallard Overlook

    Mallard Overlook

    Located on Sour Springs Road, Mallard Overlook gives a different perspective of Ringneck Marsh. This overlook boasts views of osprey and waterfowl. You can hear the song of orange crowned warblers and the pounding of downy woodpeckers which favor the trees around this quiet location.

    Please note: Sour Springs Road is not maintained during the winter months and therefore this overlook may not be accessible by vehicle. It is, however, still open to the public by foot.

  • Ringneck Marsh Overlook

    Ringneck Marsh Overlook

    Just off of Oak Orchard Ridge Road and half a mile east of Route 63, Ringneck Marsh Overlook offers opportunities to see great blue herons, mallards, geese, and maybe even ringneck ducks for which the marsh is named. If lucky, in the spring you could see osprey and bald eagles battle it out for possession of the nest on the island. When viewed from the north, the marsh provides a picturesque view of its brilliant seasonal colors. 

  • Schoolhouse Marsh Overlook

    Schoolhouse Overlook

    A quarter of a mile east of the Ringneck Marsh Overlook on the north side of Oak Orchard Ridge Road is a small overlook with views of Schoolhouse Marsh. Named for the schoolhouse that once existed in this location, it is a great spot to view shorebirds, American wigeon, and discreet marsh birds.