PC Schedule

Photo Club

St. Marks NWR Photo Club monthly calendar of events.

10:00 am - Noon on 3rd Saturday in Nature's Classroom.

(unless otherwise noted in calendar below)

2019 Dates

July 20 — Photo Editing in Lightroom and Snapseed (Bring laptops and smartphones or tablets with software loaded.)

August 17 — Macro Photography

September 21 — Travel Photography

October 19 — Milky Way Night Photography Meet at 5:00 PM at Picnic Pond and bring own picnic food.

November 16 — Backcountry Wagon Tour at St. Marks


2020 Dates

January 18 — Backcountry Wagon Tour at St. Marks

February 15 — Wakulla Springs River Boat Cruise (Meet at 10:00 AM at Wakulla Springs.)

March 21 — Photography at Maclay Gardens (Meet at 10:00 AM at Maclay Gardens.)

April 18 — Family Photo Day (Photo stations along Lighthouse Road)

May 16 — Photo Club Picnic at Otter Lake (Meet at Otter Lake. — Time TBA)

June 20 — Photo Sharing and Planning for 2020-2021 Events

Additional Refuge Events for Photo Club Involvement

October 26, 2019 — Monarch Festival

February 1, 2020 — WHO Festival