Waterfowl Hunting

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Blackwater NWR provides waterfowl hunting opportunities at several designated hunt sites on the refuge. Waterfowl hunting is permitted on dates specified by the Refuge during the State waterfowl season. All sites are accessible by boat only.

 *Federal Duck Stamp Reminder for Waterfowl Hunters*   

The 2019-20 Blackwater NWR waterfowl hunt regulations and instructions are posted below. Please read the regulations carefully and follow the call-in procedures to reserve hunting locations. New hunting sites have been added on Marshyhope Creek and the Nanticoke River! See below for maps.

Please note that everyone in your hunting party must print out and sign the regulations page. This serves as your waterfowl hunting permit.

 Waterfowl Hunt Access Photos

Waterfowl Hunt Maps 

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