Refuge Manager Jill Terp Recognized by County of San Diego

Brian Allbright and Jill Terp (512 pixels)

On Thursday, February 28, the County of San Diego Department of Parks and Recreation recognized refuge manager Jill Terp for her outstanding partnership with the County in expanding trails within San Diego National Wildlife Refuge, and in the surrounding network of public lands surrounding the refuge.

The Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) awarded Jill the “Community Team Member of the Year” of 2018. She was nominated and selected by her peers in the DPR and was only one of two non-county employees recognized at their annual awards ceremony.

Jill was specifically recognized for three major projects.

First, her leadership and problem-solving skills by expertly assisting the County, Sweetwater Authority, San Diego Gas & Electric, and the Carlsbad Fish and Wildlife Office in re-routing a trail to avoid sensitive vernal pool habitats. Second, her ability to balance public access with endangered species conservation in the development of the Otay Regional Trail Alignment Study, a 70,000-acre study area involving numerous land management agencies and land use conflicts. And third, significant partnership building and vision through her cooperation with the Sycuan Band of the Kumeyaay Nation, Kumeyaay-Diegueño Land Conservancy, and the County on developing a trail and staging area through refuge and tribal lands.

All of Jill’s significant efforts are consistent with the refuge’s near final Comprehensive Conservation Plan.

“The County's award is a lovely honor,” said Terp. “Working collaboratively is simply a part of the job, and helps us to better achieve the Service's and the Refuge's conservation goals.”

Fittingly, the awards ceremony was titled “Celebrating Great People, Projects, Parks, and Preserves” and our congratulations to Jill and her amazing work with the County and other partners in finding the delicate balance between expanded public access and endangered species conservation.