Stars Over Wichita (Recurs Every Friday)

Every Friday
Stars over withcita

Join us under the open skies for "Stars Over The Wichitas." This event is held by the Wichita Refuge and is open to members of the public ages eight and older.

The Refuge is a prime spot for stargazing because of its lack of light pollution. An interpreter will discuss the history of astronomy, its uses and goals, and will help you identify constellations and heavenly bodies. You can bring your own binoculars or view the night skies through a 13” Dobsonian telescope.

Reservations are required ($5 per person) and will be taken starting March 8. We regret we cannot offer group programs. The two-hour event begins 30 minutes after sunset, and will be canceled if it is raining or overcast. Call the Visitor Center at (580) 429-2151 to reserve or for more information.

Reserve your spot starting May 8!

Call (580) 429-2151 or email, weekdays 8 AM-4:30 PM.

Departure point: Boulder Gate.

Reservation fee: $5 per person 

Open to members of the general public ages eight and older. Lawn chairs suggested.