Visitor Activities

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The beauty of Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge can be explored through a variety of visitor activities. These activities include wildlife observation, wildlife photography, interpretation, environmental education, hunting, and fishing. In addition, there are opportunities to enjoy other outdoor recreational activities on the refuge. Whether you are a hunter, birder, trapper, educator, or just hoping to learn more about the natural world, the Refuge has something for you.

  • Wildlife Observation

    Wildlife Observation

    There are ample opportunities to observe wildlife throughout the year on Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge. Among overlooks, photography blinds, trails, and other recreational opportunities you can discover the diversity of wildlife and habitats the refuge has to offer. 

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  • Hit the Trail!

    Hit the Trail!

    Take a hike on one of the refuge's nature trails. Connect with nature as the trails travel through the different refuge landscapes. On each trail you will discover the diversity of wildlife and the habitats they depend on. Start your journey on the refuge trail system today!


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  • Interpretation


    The refuge staff, volunteers, and partners regularly conduct interpretive programs and activities that enables visitors to connect to nature, wildlife, and the refuge lands. These opportunities include Iroquois Observations (year-round interpretive programming), special events, outreach events, and our self-guided Visitor Center and trails. Check out the fun interpretive opportunities we are currently offering.

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  • Environmental Education

    Enviro Ed

    Environmental education is conducted to assist students with becoming more environmentally aware. Unique opportunities exist for a hands on and engaging discovery of nature. There are options for both indoor and outdoor programs for a variety of age ranges. Discover how our environmental education program can work with your curriculum.

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  • Hunting/Fishing/Trapping


    Visitors can participate in hunting, fishing, and trapping activities on Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge. For more information, rules and regulations, and permits for these activities check out our Permits page.

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  • Other Rec Opportunities

    Other Rec

    Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge can be explored through a variety of other recreational opportunities. If you enjoy paddling, biking, or winter sports, you're in luck. The refuge provides access to several outdoor rec activities. Which will you partake in to experience the refuge?

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