Tips for SAFE Bear Viewing

Black Bear

Tips for SAFE Bear Viewing – Please share this info with visitors as often as possible! 

  • Remember, this is a national wildlife refuge.  This is NOT a zoo.  These are WILD animals.
  • ALL TRAFFIC regulations apply.  Children MUST be in car seats or booster seats (according to State law); seatbelts must be worn.  And, it’s NEVER a good idea to ride in the back of pick-ups or on tops of vehicles!   These are public roads.
  • DO NOT BLOCK ROADS or park so that you block gates.   If there is space and you can safely pull to the shoulder of the road so other vehicles may safely pass, it’s fine to stop.
  • Our bears and other wildlife are used to vehicles.   They are NOT used to people approaching them on foot.  It is dangerous both for people AND for bears to become accustomed to face-to-face contact.  PLEASE remain in your vehicles or in close proximity to your vehicles.  Bears are unpredictable, and they can cover a LOT of ground very quickly (they can run 30-35 MPH!)
  • It is against federal law to “disturb wildlife” on a national wildlife refuge.   If they change their behavior due to your presence, we consider it a disturbance!
  • NEVER FEED WILDLIFE on a national wildlife refuge.   Never feed bears AT ALL.