Old Cedar Project

Old Cedar Avenue Bridge 512x219

"Old Cedar Avenue Bridge" by Mike Richards

The Old Cedar Avenue trail head is CLOSED to public access until the project has completed. Please do not enter the area or bypass closure signs to access the trail head or parking area.

The contractor for the City of Bloomington has control of the Old Cedar parking lot and the road leading to it beyond the Bloomington Greenhouse. In order to continue progress on their trail, restroom and parking lot construction through November 2018, the area is closed to the public. It is considered an active construction site for the duration of the project.

We consider Old Cedar closed for safety for the duration of the contract. The contractor does not communicate to the Refuge when they are working on site, as they report to the City of Bloomington. There is no through trail access across the Old Cedar Ave. bridge, and trails will be closed approaching the parking area and bridge.

Visit the City of Bloomington's Old Cedar Avenue Area Project page for updates and to learn more about the scope of this project.

This project is anticipated to finish in November 2018.

For media inquiries or questions call 952-854-5900.