Girl Scout visit focuses on conservation careers


A group of Girl Scouts enthusiastically participated in a program last week that focused on the variety of jobs available in the conservation field.

March 19, 2018

The theater in the Jackson Hole & Greater Yellowstone Visitor Center was bustling with activity on the last afternoon the National Elk Refuge's Women in Conservation temporary display decorated the walls of the room this month. A group of Girl Scouts, ranging in ages 8 to 12, enthusiastically participated in a program focusing on the variety of jobs available in the conservation field.

Two Refuge winter naturalists began the talk by sharing their personal stories: what they were interested in when they were younger, the schooling the pursued, and the jobs they've had that led to their current interests and profession. Throughout the presentation, the female audience shot up their hands, asking a range of questions that showed a genuine interest in the stories and jobs being described.

During the remainder of the program, the group talked about the range of positions available to both men and women, including indoor and outdoor jobs that support conservation work. The talk was paired with the Refuge's display, which included biographies submitted by women working in resource management professions.

"Learning about women who work in conservation was very cool because they stand up for animals and their habitat," explained 11-year-old Lucy Waldrop, who attended the program. "Animals need protection because they can't stand up for themselves."

Lucy's mother, Charlotte Reynolds, was appreciative of her daughter's experience and added, "I'm grateful my daughter has so many opportunities to be inspired by an amazing array of women in our valley, including those who have dedicated their lives to serve and protect the wildlife and wild lands we all cherish." Reynolds noted, "Most importantly, I know these experiences are having a positive impact on my daughter and so many other girls. It makes me hopeful for the future." 

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