2021 Haying Agreements Open for Bid

Accepting bids until 12 noon Friday, July 23rd

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service is seeking individuals interested in haying on public lands in the Sand Lake Wetland Management District of South Dakota. Haying bids will be accepted through until noon on Friday, July 23rd  - please mail, email, fax, or hand deliver bids. Follow the links below for specific location and maps of grazing units available and to download the bid forms. If you have any questions, please contact the Sand Lake Office.

Mail: Sand Lake Refuge, 39650 Sand Lake Dr, Columbia SD 57433, Attn: WPA Haying Bid

Email: natalie_velez-suarez@fws.gov

Fax: 605-885-6333

Haying Regulations

Haying Bid Form

Sand Lake Wetland Management District Haying Units



Engle Dam WPA

Fuhrman WPA

Kalt WPA

Mardian WPA

Ryman WPA

Sand Lake Refuge

2021 Sand Lake Refuge Hay Units - Overview Map

Refuge Unit 1

Refuge Unit 2

Refuge Unit 3

Refuge Unit 4

Refuge Unit 5

Refuge Unit 6

Refuge Unit 7

Refuge Unit 8

Refuge Unit 9

Refuge Unit 10

Refuge Unit 11