Gulf Coast Restoration


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The Adaptive Management and Monitoring Plan and map in the links below provide on overview of the recently acquired Zarate-Thomas and KAAPA Tracts on the Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge. The Zarate-Thomas Tract (actually a combination of two tracts, the Zarate Tract and the Thomas Tract) is located within the Bahia Grande Unit; and the KAAPA (also called the "Shrimp Farm") Tract is located within the Laguna Atascosa Unit of the refuge. These tracts are part of the Bahia Grande Coastal Corridor, which provides vitally important habitat for many wildlife species, including the ocelot and aplomado falcon. This project was made possible in conjunction with our partners at The Nature Conservancy and RESTORE Council. 

KAAPA, Thomas, and Zarate Adaptive Management and Monitoring Plan_September 2017

Zarate Thomas KAPPA tract MAP