Pools Closed

St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge closes the pools along Lighthouse Rd. ( Co. Rd. 59) to all boats on October 15 to offer undisturbed access for migratory birds who will feed and rest in refuge waters. The pools will re-open to boats on March 15, 2018.

Anglers are still permitted to bank fish. 


Trail on south side of Stony Bayou #2 (road 122) has been closed.

I'm closing the outer levee of Stoney Bayou #2 today to limit disturbance to the wintering waterfowl using the southern portion of the pool.  Please respect the signs.  We will still be surveying behind the signs, but other activities (including tours) should cease unless there is a compelling reason to go in the area.

We are giving the ducks a break to allow them to build up fat reserves for the flight north in the spring.  Regular flushing due to disturbance causes them to use up some of that energy they could be using to build fat.

I'll open the area as soon as the duck use drops or shifts to another pool.  Thanks.


Joe Reinman
Longleaf Pine Land Management Research & Demonstration Biologist
North Florida Refuges