Hurricane Irma Recovery and How You Can Help

We have appreciated the many inquiries and offers of help and support received as we continue to assess the damage and impacts from Hurricane Irma and figure out what it will take to recover.  Irma's impacts have affected our facilities, the habitats and species we manage, and like the rest of the community, our lives.  

There are many ways you can help the Florida Keys National Wildlife Refuges (FKNWR) with recovery efforts:

  • Learn about our priority recovery efforts and needs
  • Keep updated on our recovery efforts and help spread the word by connecting with us on Facebook and visiting our Irma recovery webpage.
  • We have a non-profit friends group, Friends And Volunteers Of Refuges - Florida Keys (FAVOR), whose sole mission is to support the National Wildlife Refuges of the Florida Keys through education, non adversarial advocacy, volunteerism and fundraising. Learn how they are working with us to support FKNWR recovery needs.
  • Learn about our many partners and their efforts to help us with recovery.
  • Though we do not yet have the capacity to accept volunteers, please contact us at with any inquiries for future possibilities once we get our facilities and staff situations stabilized.  
  • If you are working in the Florida Keys with recovery efforts that require an emergency section 7 consultation, please read these best management practices for endangered and threatened wildlife conservation.