Resource Management

Coon Key

Refuges strive for biological integrity, diversity and environmental health. Much of the management work of Refuges is to maintain, enhance, or restore intact and self-sustaining habitats.

  • Invasive Species

    Python 1

    One of Ten Thousand Islands National Wildlife Refuge’s most important management responsibilities is to control invasive species that threaten its naturally balanced ecosystem.

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  • Sea Turtles

    Sea Turtle 1

    Each summer, May-September, loggerhead and green sea turtles return to the beaches of Ten Thousand Islands National Wildlife Refuge to lay their nests

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  • Fire

    Fire Planning EA

    Staff from the Southwest Florida Gulf Coast Refuge Complex utilizes fire to maintain healthy native vegetation communities on the refuge. Fire is set under "prescribed" conditions. These prescribed burns are only conducted if the winds, temperature, humidity and moisture levels are within a designated range and the refuge has adequate staff and equipment.

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