Jesse and Red Drum

Fish of Ten Thousand Islands National Wildlife Refuge

  • Tarpon, Red Drum, Common Snook, and Spotted Seatrout


    Nutrient-rich inshore rivers, offshore shallows, and estuarine nurseries found among these mangrove forests are home to some of Florida’s most desired sport fish species including sea trout, permit, cobia, grouper, snapper, pompano, sheepshead, triple tail, mackerel, kingfish, red drum, snook, and tarpon.

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  • Goliath Grouper

    Goliath Grouper

    The goliath grouper is the largest member of the sea bass family found in the Atlantic ocean and one of the largest grouper species in the world, reaching sizes of nearly 900 pounds (400kg) and 9 feet (3m) in total length!

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  • Smalltooth Sawfish

    Smalltooth Sawfish

    The smalltooth sawfish was once common throughout the Gulf of Mexico and in the Atlantic as north as North Carolina. Presently, this species presence in the United States is limited to peninsular Florida. The southern tip of the state, including the Ten Thousand Islands area, is one of the only places where the species is still commonly found.

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