In the Community

Ohio River Islands National Wildlife Refuge currently consists of 22 islands along over 360 miles of Ohio River, and also includes 4 mainland tracts. The refuge is therefor located near many different communities connected by a large portion of the Ohio River. For people within these communities or for those visiting from afar, the refuge facilitates a connection of one of America's most important and beautiful natural resources.

  • Williamstown, West Virginia

    Williamstown, West Virginia is the town closest to the Refuge Visitor Center (we are located two miles upriver from Williamstown). The town is formerly home of the Fenton Glass Company. Local schools visit the refuge on field trips, and the refuge does special events with the local library.

  • Marietta, Ohio

    Marietta, Ohio, located directly across the river from Williamstown, is a larger town famous for being the first settlement in the Northwest Territory (founded 1788). The downtown is historic and vibrant, and walking the brick streets through the town's many Victorian era neighborhoods brings history alive in a way that is nearly palpable. A visit to Marietta will bring the local value of the river into focus, enriching any visit to the refuge.

  • St. Marys, West Virginia

    St. Mary's, located about twenty miles upriver from the main Visitor Center, is the gateway to Middle Island; an old bridge connects the town to the island, and it is possible for visitors to drive and park directly on the island and any of three trailheads.