Autumn Hikes


Fall is a favorite season for hiking on national wildlife refuges. Explore breathtaking scenic refuge trails while enjoying the warm cozy palettes of our landscapes in the crisp cool fall air.

  • Kiep's Island Dike


    Walk along Kiep's Island dike and be surrounded by stunning views of refuge pools and flocks of migrating waterfowl. Round-trip, this hike or bike ride is 1.4 miles long.

  • Pine Creek Dike


    Take a short scenic hike in enchanting forested wetlands and see a heron or two in the still backwaters. Listen for scurrying animals rustling in the colorful autumn leaves. Round-trip this hike is 1 mile.

  • Prairie's Edge Tour Loop


    Prairie grasses and tall oak trees paint the sand hills with a palette of cozy colors! Relax and rejuvenate with a drive, hike, or bike ride along the Prairie's Edge Tour Loop. This self-guided tour loop is 4 miles with three major plant communities: sand prairie, backwater marsh, and hardwood forest. Prairies Edge Tour Loop Brochure

  • Lower Diversion


    Start hiking or biking in a golden and rust-colored woodland where migrating warblers can be seen darting around the trees. Breathe in the earthy scent of fallen leaves and continue down the path onto lower diversion dike. The dike offers a view of both the Trempealeau River and refuge pools, along with the solitary Trempealeau Mountain, standing out of the water, vibrant with autumnal colors. Round-trip Lower Diversion dike is 4 miles.

  • Kayaking in Fall


    View the changing colors of autumn leaves along the pools edge and on the surrounding bluffs, while peacefully kayaking. Listen for the trumpeting, honking, and cackling calls of nearby waterfowl as they enjoy foraging for food.