Wanted: Information about Badgers- dead or alive

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife wants information on badgers because not much is known about where they live in Washington or how stable the population is.

So if you see any badger, alive or dead, please take a photo of its face and head. Email the photos with detailed information on where you saw it (GPS coordinates are okay), the date and your name and phone number to

If you find a dead badger, they would like to take a tissue sample for DNA analysis. Please phone Annemarie Prince at 509-684-2362 x 20 or Jeff Heinlen at 509-826-7372.

Badgers are members of the weasel family and have black and white markings on their face with a flat looking body shape and short legs. They dig burrows in the ground with an oval shaped entrance hole. Badgers have been seen on the Refuge.

As with any wildlife- maintain your distance when trying to get a photo for this research.