Just For Kids

Smiling about Fish

Come to Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge to explore, enjoy and learn!

  • Let's Go Outside


    Visit Let's Go Outside for cool, fun outdoor things you can do on your own, with your friends, classroom or family! Enjoy the 'Book of Stuff,' which has everything from from scavenger hunts to matching animal tracks to creating a nature collage. Learn how to play Car Bingo and become a Wildlife Watch Explorer.

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  • Neighborhood Explorer


    Neighborhood Explorer is an online game where you can play games and earn patches about endangered species, conservation heroes and threats to our environment.

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  • BirdSleuth Activities

    Bird Sleuth book

    BirdSleuth has partnered with the National Wildlife Refuge System and the Every Kid in a Park initiative to bring you the BirdSleuth "Explorer's Guidebook", an exciting free resource. Go on a habitat scavenger hunt, create a sound map, and test your bird ID skills with this adaptable activity book designed to be used by families, school groups, and anyone looking for a fun way to connect to a national wildlife refuge. Geared towards fourth graders, this step-by-step guide will help you explore our country’s incredible national wildlife refuges.

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  • Junior Duck Stamp Contest


    Are you an artist? Any student from grades K-12 can enter this contest. There are specific guidelines you can read about on their website.

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  • Ranger Rick's games

    Ranger Rick Icon

    Who is Ranger Rick?  He leads a group of animals living in Deep Green Wood. Ranger Rick is the hero of the comic called "Ranger Rick's Adventures" and knows lots of fun games and activities.

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  • Family Friendly Hikes

    Sunny Trail Icon

    Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge has several trails that the whole family can enjoy.

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