Marine Habitat

Fish & coral
  • Algae

    Approximately 93 species of algae have been identified at Johnston Atoll. TwoBryopsis pennata and Caulerpa racemosa, have historically grown in abundance on the south side of Johnston Island near the site that was once the wastewater outfall.  These species of algae provide the principal food source for green sea turtles at Johnston Atoll

  • Coral

    Coral and Fish

    Through 2010, 54 species of corals have been reported at Johnston including 49 stony coral species, the most conspicuous species is the giant table coral (Acropora cytherea). Corals and coralline algae are responsible for the existence of the atoll. These algae capture the sun's energy as plants on land do and, through the process of photosynthesis, provide their coral hosts with organic carbon as a source of food.