Northern Pintail

Northern Pintail MK 512x219

The Northern pintail is sleek, long-necked, with tapered wings. The male is particularly striking with his chocolate brown head, white neck and white under-parts. It is also distinguished by its extremely long pointed black tail feathers and its long, slim, neck with a thin, white, line running up the back of the neck. The design is exquisite.

The female Northern pintail is also sleek and elegant in appearance. She has a long, slim, graceful neck. The central feathers of her quite pointed and long tail are longer than the rest of her tail feathers. She is buffy-brown in color.

Northern pintails find the aquatic vegetation of the Refuge to their liking. They will also graze in any of the open fields.

The Northern pintail is one of our most beautiful ducks. If you see an elegant looking duck with a long slender neck and vary long pointed tail, it will likely be the Northern pintail.