Bull Frogging


Frogging for American Bullfrogs is allowed on the refuge from April 1 through September 30.


Bullfrogging Regulations:


  • We only allow American Bullfrogs to be taken
  • We allow Bullfrogging from one-half hour before legal sunrise to one-half hour after legal sunset
  • We allow Bullfrogging on all canals in areas normally open to the public, including the Interior Drain, Riverside Channel, the east side of the Low Flow Conveyance Channel (Bike Trail), and the wetland unit that the Boardwalk spans.
  • We do not allow canoeing, boating, floating, swimming or wading in any arroyos, wetlands, or water delivery ditches, canals, drains, or channels. 
  • We allow use of hook and line, spears, gigs, and archery equipment to take bullfrog. 
  • We do not allow the use of trotlines, firearms, seining, dip netting, traps, using bait taken from the refuge, taking of turtle, littering, and all other activities not expressly allowed.  
  • You may only enter the fishing and bullfrogging area from the Tour Loop



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