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Rainey Lake Restoration Project

RaineyLake-PromoIntro-512x219Refuge staff are working on a restoration project in Rainey Lake aimed at improving fishing opportunities for the public. Unfortunately, this has resulted in a bit of a mess on the Rainey Lake Walking Trail and at the Fishing Pier! We appreciate your patience throughout this process and look forward to providing an improved visitor experience in the future.

Over the last several years, aquatic vegetation has grown so thick around the edges of the lake that it was nearly impossible to fish from the fishing pier or even put a boat in to fish the open water. Much of the problem is from alligator weed, a non-native invasive species that forms dense mats of vegetation along shorelines. In an effort to control these plants, refuge staff treat the areas with a herbicide approved for aquatic use and then mechanically remove the vegetation mats from the water. This process is very time and labor intensive. In the short term, this work has resulted in some muddy areas on the walking trail and around the fishing pier where machinery, trucks, and boat trailers have been traveling. We realize that this is an inconvenience for our visitors and apologize! However, we believe that improving fishing and access opportunities will certainly be worth it in the long run. Keep checking back for more information or you can also always call the Visitor Center at (318) 574-2664.
Last Updated: Jun 04, 2015
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