Free Archaeology Talk

April 17, 2019
Woodlands Free Public Lecture

Revisiting Wabanaki Agriculture III: The Ceremony

Join State Archaeologist Jess Robinson for a free public talk: New Insights and Interpretations into the Archaeological History of the Lower Missisquoi Region. 

 Recent work by Northeast Archaeology Research Center and the University of Vermont Consulting Archaeology Program in and near to the Missisquoi National Wildlife Refuge (MNWR) has revealed new sites and exciting details related to the precontact Native American lifeways along the lower Missisquoi. Work by the Vermont Division for Historic Preservation and the staff at the MNWR to synthesize new and old archaeological data in preparation for a National Register district nomination has also enabled us to see new patterns in Native Lifeways and environmental changes that may have had an effect on them. Jess will briefly discuss these topics and others during his presentation.

Date: Wednesday April 17, 2019

Location: Missisquoi NWR Visitor's Center - 29 Tabor Road, Swanton, VT

Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm