Canada Goose

Canada Goose MK 512 x 289

Canadas that reside in the West are darker and smaller that the typically large Canada goose. The bird is brownish with a pale breast, black neck and a white face patch with chin strap. The black bill is wide, large and flat. There are several subspecies of the Canada goose. One such species is the Dusky Canada, which is only seen once in a while in the Refuge. It has a dark breast, and generally appears to be dark all over. In general, Canada geese weigh less than 10 pounds and have a large wingspan.

Canada geese tend to graze on land. They frequent lawns, fields, parks, and other wide-open spaces. They also feed in wetlands by dabbling in the water. Their preferred food is grass and sedges.

Canada geese mate for life and begin their families at about 4 years of age. Some geese most likely nest in the Refuge.

Canada geese fly in V formations with the most experienced geese taking the lead. Their loud honking call is characteristic and can be heard day or night.