Dual Nature of Bayou Sauvage

Urban_ Refuge

While Bayou Sauvage shows the obvious influence of human alterations and development it also demonstrates that valuable wildlife habitat can exist on the edge of a large city.

Bayou Sauvage NWR is crisscrossed by major highways and two railroads. The hurricane protection levees surrounding most of the refuge were originally constructed in the 1950s. These man-made structures cut off the natural tidal flow, impounding and changing the character of these wetland areas, and over time, transforming them into fresh-water marshes nourished primarily by rainfall.

Bayou Sauvage NWR remains an avian oasis. The mix of habitats found here and its prime location at the end of the Mississippi Flyway create an opportunity to observe a wide variety of bird species within a small geographical area. 

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