Contact Us

The Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge Complex has a small but dedicated and friendly staff that work primarily out of the Ridgefield, WA office. The following people may be able to answer your questions about the refuge, what we do to conserve and protect your natural resources, and how our organization can help you to do the same.

  • Project Leader (Interim) - Eric Anderson

    Eric Anderson manages all operations, programs and employees for the Complex (Ridgefield, Steigerwald Lake, Franz Lake and Pierce NWRs). Contact him with questions regarding refuge operations, status of refuge projects, refuge management and policies, and special use permits.

    Office Phone: 360-887-4106 x 26


  • Gorge Refuges Park Ranger - Mesha Wood

    Mesha Wood oversees visitor programs, community engagement and outreach for the Columbia Gorge National Wildlife Refuges out of Steigerwald Lake National Wildlife Refuge in Washougal, Washington. Contact her with your questions about group visits, guided walks, volunteering, outreach and educational events on and off site, and website updates.

    Office Phone: 1-360-835-8767

    Cell Phone: 971-336-1042


  • Park Ranger - Josie Finley

    Josie Finley oversees visitor programs for the Refuge Complex (Ridgefield and Steigerwald Lake). Contact her with your questions about recreation, partnerships, education, volunteering, outreach and communication efforts, and website updates.

    Office Phone: 360-887-4106

    Cell Phone: 360-608-2059


  • Refuge Biologist - Alex Chmielewski

    Alex Chmielewski oversees all biological programs for the Complex. Contact him with your questions about wildlife sightings, wildlife or habitat management actions, and biological permits.

    Office Phone: 360-887-3883 x 12