Permits enable the public to engage in legitimate wildlife-related activities that would otherwise be prohibited by law. Some permits promote conservation efforts by authorizing scientific research, generating data, or allowing wildlife management and rehabilitation activates to go forward. Permit programs ensure that such activities are carried out in a manner that safeguards wildlife.

If you are interested in performing commercial activities, research, harvesting, or other activities that are outside general trail use and wildlife observation, you will need a special use permit.

To find out if your activity is compatible with the Refuge and if you will need a special use permit contact: 360-887-4106

Permit Forms


Notice of Haying and Grazing Opportunity

Steigerwald Lake and Pierce National Wildlife Refuges in southwestern Washington state. Three individual parcels are totaling 83 acres at Steigerwald Lake NWR (individual parcels are ~19 acres, ~28 acres, and ~36 acres) are available for five years for haying at Steigerwald Lake NWR . Additionally, a single parcel of ~30 acres at Pierce NWR is available for five years for haying. Collectively, this haying opportunity is ~113 acres spread between two National Wildlife Refuges in southwest Washington.

All application materials must be received at the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge HQ close of business on March 30, 2018.

Notice of Opportunity

Draft Plan of Operation

Attachment A: Supplemental Instructions for Application