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Helping with Chase Lake's missions and goals can be done through employment and/or volunteering.



Chase Lake Wetland Management District is operated by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, an agency in the United States (Federal) Government. Jobs occasionally open in the District, but on an irregular basis. Employment is typically permanent full-time (PFT) or temporary full-time (TFT, also known as seasonal). The main exceptions are Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) jobs (see below). When jobs open they are filled only through a National online service called USA Jobs. Applicants do not apply directly to the district office for job openings. Click on the link, to check for job openings and apply for Chase Lake Wetland Management District (or any other) federal jobs.


A Volunteer will usually work along-side district employees, often performing the same or similar tasks as paid employees. Volunteers are not paid, except in certain circumstances (some are also reimbursed for travel expenses). These positions are highly respected by district staff, and perform vital functions in the operation of the district. Volunteer positions are always open, and are often geared toward the Volunteer and what he or she wants to contribute. To find out more, visit the "Get Involved" page.