• Harbor Seal

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    With their sleek spotted heads harbor seals are often seen swimming offshore in the San Juans.  They haul out to rest and birth pups on many of the Refuge islands.  One of the greatest threats to the harbor seal population is human disturbance, particularly during pupping season. Seal pups resting on shore should always be left alone as their mothers are likely waiting off shore and will not return until humans are clear of the area.

  • Stellar Sea Lion

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    Large and buff to brown in color Stellar sea lions can occasionally be spotted hauled out on Refuge islands.  Look for external ear flaps to distinguish them from seals.  The Refuge supplies important resting spots for them to rest with minimal disturbance.

  • Raccoon

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    Raccoons are marked by a distinctive black mask and ringed tail.  Wild raccoons are partial to feeding on animals found at the water's edge such as clams and shellfish, but become a nuisance when they find access to human foods.  When camping on Turn and Matia Island proper food storage is vital to keeping these animals wild.  Come prepared to secure food and garbage in hard-sided containers tied with extra bungee cords or rope.