Cattle on Prairie Galt 520X289

Grazing is a critical tool managers use to manage the grasslands at Arrowwood refuge.  Grazing, controlled burning and rest are the methods used to keep the grassland vegetation structure suitable for nesting birds and other wildlife. 

Rotational Livestock Grazing

Refuge managers work together with local ranchers to mimic natural disturbances that were once caused by large herds of free-ranging bison, antelope and elk on the prairie. Through livestock grazing, invasive cool-season grasses and other invasive plants can be stressed, which favors native grasses and forbs such as western wheatgrass, green needlegrass, blue grama, little bluestem, purple coneflowers, goldenrods and low growing shrubs. Grazing can greatly influence the structure and diversity of grassland communities, which create the variety of areas needed for nesting upland nesting birds. 

Ducklings in Nest - USFWS 150X118
 Just hatched blue-winged teal brood in the nest bowl.


Nelson's Sparrow Galt 150X118   

Nelson's sparrow on nesting territory in grassland.