Hunting is an important wildlife management tool that we recognize as a healthy, traditional outdoor pastime, deeply rooted in America’s heritage. Hunting can instill a unique understanding and appreciation of wildlife, their behavior, and their habitat needs.

Sustainable Hunting

As practiced on refuges, hunting, trapping and fishing do not pose a threat to wildlife populations, and in some instances are necessary for sound wildlife management. For example, deer populations may grow too large for the refuge habitat to support if there are few natural predators. 

Salvage the Meat

Game animals are important to Alaskans, many of whom depend largely upon wild game for food. Respect the animal you are hunting by preparing adequately for your hunt. Be aware that Alaska’s meat salvage regulations reflect the high value placed on game meat and that the wasting of game meat is a serious offense.

Animals Wearing Collars

Some moose, caribou and other game animals within the Refuge are fitted with radio collars as part of long term monitoring studies. Collared animas are tracked from the air and are important sources of information.

Please avoid hunting radio collared animals when possible. Although it is legal to do so, it is detrimental to our management efforts since each collared animal is an ongoing source of data. If you do take a radio collared animal, please return the collar to Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge or the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. 

More Information

To find out more about hunting opportunities, seasons and regulations on Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge, use the website links below or contact refuge staff

 U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service 

Subsistence hunting is managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Office of Subsistence Management. The Office of Subsistence Management page has regulations, proposed regulation changes, meetings, and links to various web cams, videos and podcasts.

A broad range of hunting topics are covered on the Office of External Affairs' Hunting page.

Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game

Sport hunting is managed by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. Their Hunting, Trapping and Shooting page has information on planning hunts, hunting opportunities by game species, maps, subsistence and sport regulations, trapping, permits and licenses, and emergency orders. 

Hunting on the refuge includes Alaska Game Management Units 18, 19A, 21E and 22A. Visit the Game Management Unit Information website for maps and boundary descriptions.

Federal waterfowl stamps may be purchased at U.S. Post Office or online.