Hunting Opportunities Expanded on Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge

Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge (refuge) is seeking public comment through September 6, 2016 on revisions to the Hunt Plan of the Visitor Service Plan. The refuge is interested in expanding public hunting opportunities on recently acquired refuge lands starting in 2017.

The refuge proposes to open recently acquired lands to hunting on several specific Refuge management units. A total of 319 acres is proposed to be opened on the following three refuge units: Bloomington Ferry (22 acres), Louisville Swamp (143 acres), and St. Lawrence (154 acres). Refuge specific hunting regulations on these recently acquired lands will be consistent with hunting regulations currently in place for the named units.

Hunting is allowed on designated portions of the refuge during the state of Minnesota hunting seasons. Generally, state hunting regulations apply. Hunters need to be aware that refuge specific and unit specific regulations apply - including methods of take and species allowed to be taken. Not all refuge units are open to hunting.

For more information on hunting at Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge and for copies of the Refuge Hunt Plan, see links below or call 952-854-5900.

Please send any comments or concerns to or contact Kyle Daly, 952-858-0705 by September 6, 2016.

 2016-2017 Draft Hunt Plan