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Road Work 2014

S main entrance staff 448Road improvements are scheduled throughout the summer of 2014, at scattered locations throughout Quivira.

Many of the public roadways at Quivira will undergo improvements during 2014.  At the south end of the Refuge, these include the Little Salt Marsh, Observation Tower, Kids' Fishing Pond, and the Reno County portion.  Main areas affected on the north end include the Wildlife Drive and Hunter Access Road.  For a map of all road-work areas, click here:


Quivira 2014 Road Work Map

Obs Tower ent road 2012 staff 448 

Observation Tower entrance road, one of several roads to be improved during summer 2014 


Initial work began during the first week of June, and will continue through September.  The table below will be updated as often as necessary to show closings and anticipated closings.  During these times, the roads or sections listed will be blocked to traffic.  The Visitor Center will be closed during portions of road work in the area.  For additional information about closings or about this project, please call the Refuge at 620-486-2393.  Road work schedules are subject to change on a regular basis.




 Road Closure Table, summer 2014

 Road or section   Anticipated date(s) of closure  
July 7 - 25 Main Refuge road (NE 140th Street) from south entrance to Hudson Road (NE 100th St) - COMPLETED
July 7 - Aug 1 Unit 7 Access Road, Reno County Unit (including Raymond Road entrance) - COMPLETED
July 7 - 10 Kid's Fishing Pond Access Road - COMPLETED
July 7 - 25 Observation Tower Access Road - COMPLETED
July 21 - July 25 Little Hunter Access Road (west of Migrant's Mile) - COMPLETED
July 28 - Aug 8 Hunter Access Road (NE 140th Ave), north from NE 140th St blacktop - COMPLETED
Aug 4 - Aug 8 City Service Road - COMPLETED
Aug 4 - Aug 13 Wildlife Drive - COMPLETED

Note:  After completion of road surfacing (mid-August), there will be scattered follow-up work throughout the Refuge.



Project background



Engineering and planning for this road project began in 2013.  Quivira National Wildlife Refuge has over 40 miles of public roads either within or alongside its boundaries.  These are either owned and serviced by the Refuge, or by one of four separate townships.  Only select roads managed by Quivira are being improved for this project.  Improvements will include resurfacing with gravel, removal of cattle guards, replacement of spillways, and parking lot re-surfacing.  Main township roads within the Refuge (which are not included in this project) include NE 170th Street, NE 140 Avenue from north of Little Salt Marsh to NE 140 Street, and perimeter roads such as Salt Marsh Road and NE 130th Avenue.

LSM Bridge and road staff 448 

Main Refuge road and parking area on north side of Little Salt Marsh 

Last Updated: Aug 14, 2014
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