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There are Grazing and Farming Opportunities on the Morris Wetland Management District

Grazing with WPA Sign in Foreground




The Morris Wetland Management District (WMD) has short term grazing opportunities available by bid on the following Waterfowl Production Areas:


Big Stone County: Hillman WPA (Unit A), T121-R45-S9 S1/2SE1/4 (54 acres), Hillman WPA (Unit B), T121- R45-S15 NW1/4 (120 acres), Hillman WPA (Units D & E), T121-R45-S15 SW1/4 & S22 NW1/4 (149 acres), Rothi WPA (SE Unit), T121-R45-S2 SE1/4 (98 acres);

Chippewa County: Hawk Creek WPA, T117-R39-S36 SW1/4 (84 acres);

Lac qui Parle County: Pearson WPA, T116-R46-S10 SE1/4 (85 acres);

Pope County: Berg WPA, T124-R39-S35 NE1/4 (41 acres), Rolling Forks WPA (SE Unit), T123-R38-S32 NE1/4 (79 acres);

Stevens County: Long Lake WPA (North Unit), T124-R41-S3 W1/2W1/2 & T125-R41-S34 SE1/4 (170 acres); Pepperton WPA (South Unit), T124-R43-S22 E1/2 (150 acres); Sherstad Slough WPA, T124-R43-S2 N1/2 (101 acres); Smith WPA T125-R43-S1 SW1/4 (141 acres);

Swift County: Brady WPA, T122-R37-S26 SE1/4SE1/4 & S25 SW1/4 (140 acres); Maki WPA, T122-R41-S16 NE1/4 (110 acres); Rice WPA, T122-R37-S28 SE1/4 (36 acres); Welker WPA, T122-R39-S5 NE1/4 (113 acres).


The contract lengths (one to three seasons) and timing vary depending on the individual unit management objectives. A summary of the objectives, timing, duration, stocking rate, and other considerations, as well as fencing needs are listed in the grazing plan and on each map. Deadline for bids is 1:00 p.m., Wednesday, February 1, 2017, with half payment due by 3:30 p.m. Wednesday, February 15, 2017. Visit our office or website for the following documents: bid forms, maps, grazing plans, and grazing regulations. Our website address is:

If needed, materials for repair of permanent high-tensile or barbed-wire fence will be provided by the Morris WMD. Temporary electric fencing materials will need to be supplied by the cooperator and must be removed from the WPA upon conclusion of the special use permit term. Temporary materials not removed within 60 days of the permit term ending date will become government property.

The Morris WMD uses livestock grazing as a management tool to achieve habitat objectives for waterfowl nesting and other migratory nesting birds. Most of these opportunities are of short duration and not season long. Successful applicants should consider these opportunities as supplemental, not additional, such that their regularly grazed private pastures receive rest and recovery for improved soil health and forage productivity.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please feel free to contact Karen Stettner or me at (320)-589- 1001 or email  Thank you for showing interest in our programs.






The Morris Wetland Management District uses farming as a site preparation tool for restoring cropland to native prairie vegetation. A farming permit bid application is available for approximately 132 acres on the Hillman Waterfowl Production Area in Sections 10 and 15 of Odessa Township, Big Stone County.


This bid is for cropping in 2017 with oats. Oats may be grown for grain and then the straw baled, or it may be grown for hay. Deadline to apply is 1:00 p.m. Wednesday, February 1, 2017. For more information contact: J.B. Bright,, 320-589-1001 and/or visit the website at



Grazing Opportunities - News Release 2017 

Grazing Regulations - Morris WMD 2017

Grazing Bid Letter 2017 

Grazing Special Use Permit Conditions and Requirements 2017  

Grazing Best Management Practices 2017

Grazing Letter and Table 2017


District Map of Grazing Locations 2017


Hillman WPA A Bid Form     

Hillman WPA A Grazing Plan and Map    

Hillman WPA B Bid Form     

Hillman WPA B Grazing Plan and Map        

Hillman WPA D and E Bid Form            

Hillman WPA D and E Plan and Map

Long Lake WPA Bid Form          

Long Lake WPA Grazing Plan and Map  

MakiWPA Bid Form       

MakiWPA Grazing Plan and Map 

PearsonWPA Bid Form           

PearsonWPA Grazing Plan and Map 

Pepperton SouthWPA Bid Form          

Pepperton SouthWPA Grazing Plan and Map  

Welker WPA Bid Form          

Welker WPA Grazing Plan and Map 

Rice WPA Bid Form    

RiceWPA Grazing Plan and Map 

Rolling ForksWPA Bid Form     

Rolling ForksWPA Grazing Plan and Map 

Rothi South EastWPA Bid Form

Rothi South East WPA Grazing Plan and Map


Sherstad Slough WPA Bid Form

Sherstad Slough WPA Grazing Plan and Map

Smith WPA Bid Form

Smith WPA Grazing Plan and Map  


Brady WPA Bid Form

Brady WPA Grazing Plan and Map


Berg WPA Bid Form

Berg WPA Grazing Plan and Map


Hawk Creek WPA Bid Form

Hawk Creek WPA Grazing Plan and Map



Hillman WPA Farming News Release

Hillman WPA Farming Location Map

Hillman WPA Farming Oats Regulation

Hillman WPA Farming Bid Form

Hillman WPA Farming Map and Spray Form










Last Updated: Jan 13, 2017
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