Osprey with Fish

Ospreys are also called fish hawks, because fresh- and saltwater fish comprise the majority of their diet.  They will typically turn a fish around as they fly so that the head faces forward, making it more aerodynamic and easier to carry back to the nest.

Three or four pairs of ospreys have nested in the tall cypress in the lake's open water areas, and their loud whistling chirps draw attention to these magnificent birds of prey. They exchange loud greetings when the male brings a fish to the female incubating eggs or tending the nestlings. The male typically brings sticks to the nest, often snapping them off as he flies past a tree.  The female will arrange them into a sturdy structure.  These birds prefer to nest in open sites for easy approach, and to keep away predators from below.  Sit quietly in a boat -- not too close -- and you might observe the activities of an osprey family. A pair of bald eagles sometimes sets up housekeeping near the lake, and many birders come hoping to spot them.