• Black Oystercatcher

    List-BLOY II-Davis

    With its long orange beak, orange eye, and pink legs the black oystercatcher is a conspicuous resident of the Refuge. Beach hikers may hear this bird insistently "scolding" them as they walk.  Oystercatchers nest on the rocky shores of Dungeness and feed in the Refuge's mudflats.

  • Sanderling


    The sanderling is a small, grey and white shorebird with a thick, black beak.  It can be found racing back and forth with the surf, searching for food in the sand.

  • Dunlin


    During breeding season, the dunlin is distinguished by its black-bellied, rufous-backed plumage, while for the rest of the year it blends in with a gray/brown plumage.  On Refuge, dunlin are most active in the mudflats and lagoons during the winter months where they forage for food anticipating the long flight to their breeding grounds in the Arctic.

  • Least Sandpiper


    A small, brown sandpiper with yellowish legs, the least sandpiper is one of many shorebirds that migrate through the Refuge in spring and fall.  The Refuge's mudflats and coastal lagoons are an important source of food as they journey between their wintering grounds in Central America and their summer breeding grounds in the subarctic.