Wildlife Photography Tips


Photography is a wonderful way to delve into the world of wildlife observation.

  • Most importantly -- be patient. 
  • Maintain your distance. You will capture more interesting behaviors if the animal is relaxed and not threatened by your close proximity.  
  • Be prepared. Bring gear for the changing weather including sunscreen, a raincoat, and sturdy shoes. Bring an extra memory card and set of batteries for your camera. 
  • Think about the light. Morning and evening are best for lighting. Coincidentally, wildlife tends to be more active in the morning and evening.  Cloudy days are also good for photography. 
  • Try different angles – standing, sitting, or even lying on the ground. 
  • Keep an open mind. Great wildlife photos are everywhere. Look for spiders in their dew-soaked webs or newts crawling over the forest duff.