Restore the Dunes!

March 11, 12, 14, 2018
Restore the Dunes
Want to spend a day on the sand dunes helping your local wildlife refuge?

Volunteers Needed!!


Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge is looking for volunteers to help us remove Asiatic sand sedge from our dune system. This invasive species spreads rapidly and takes over large portions of the dunes. It has a shallow root system that does not hold sand in place well, which differs from many native dune grasses with deep roots that effectively hold sand in place.

Fortunately the shallow roots make this plant easy to pull by hand. That's where our wonderful volunteers come in! Three days have been established at this point for volunteer involvement - March 11, 12 and 14. Please contact Pete Ahl at for more details and to sign up.

Groups are also welcome! If you have a group (scouts, community group, etc.) Pete can set up a special day just for your group.

Contact Pete Ahl at for more details and to sign up.